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Learning and Learner’s Journey

Times are long gone when established trainer personalities with a main competence in classical methods were amused when hearing the term “e-learning”. To be honest, I belonged to that guild when virtual learning emerged around 15 years ago …


Identification with Brand Values

It’s amazing how the Internet of Things is capturing our daily lives more and more. Have you noticed that over the last several years every generation, from primary schoolchildren to retirees, can be observed with their digital companions?


The right Blend

Individuality, practical relevance, meaning – these values are often associated with the generation Y. These values are important to me – not only because I am part of this generation, but also with regard to learning strategies …

Diagnostics in HR Development

A company’s success depends largely on the competence and commitment of its employees. However, qualified personnel selection and development is challenging. Basis of a systematic personnel development process is the personnel diagnostics.

Talent Development Programme – Diagnostics

Every organization has to rely on competent, motivated, and disciplinary executives. Identifying high potential employees to qualify them specifically and grow their loyalty to the company is a great way to secure future leaders.

Film Production for a Training Workshop

In October 2015 we produced a film to function as part of a client’s training workshop. I was given the opportunity to support the project for TCJG due to my long-term experience in this field.

The medium of film in e-learning

Be it personal or professional environments. Via classic channels such as movies or TV. Or mobile on-the-go, via tablet, cell phone etc: A flood of video content accompanies us on our daily movements.

Adidas Learning Campus is spot on

Todays world grows ever more global and ever more digital. This entails great changes for the organization of work places as well as for society. The way people collaborate, share knowledge, acquire skills and learn continuously changes.

A special TCJG Company Journey

We circumnavigate the water, admiring the magnificent scenery and enjoying a hot, beautiful summer day – on Vespa scooters. On our trip we change the perspective to the other side.

International Cross-Selling Qualification

This project deals with one of my favorite topics. During my previous employment in the 5* hotel field I was particularly passionate about anticipating guests needs and creating special surprise moments that truly elevated their stay.


The new Leadership Report 2015

The new Leadership Report 2015 by Zukunftsinstitut is out! It shows the latest and most important trends for successful leadership in today’s and the future’s world of collaboration and innovation.

What we love about Gmund Paper

Surrounded by the alps and adjacent to a serene lake lies the Bavarian town „Gmund“ – and its name sake paper company. It is a family business, a paper manufactory, which has stayed true to its craft for 180 years. And this quite successfully.