What we love about Gmund Paper

Gmund, sustainability and corporate values

Surrounded by the alps and adjacent to a serene lake lies the Bavarian town „Gmund“ – and its name sake paper company. It is a family business, a paper manufactory, which has stayed true to its craft for 180 years. And this quite successfully.

Why specifically did we choose this supplier for the creation of our office equipment and not any other manufacturer?

Well, we are united by equal values ​​- sustainability, innovation and authenticity.

Like us, Gmund Paper creates its goods in Upper Bavaria and services the global market. And, like us, they do what they do with great dedication.

Gmund Paper is committed to continuous innovation – constantly developing new collections and offering innovative and customer-specific solutions. Like us. Not to mention the commitment to sustainability, minding the environment and mainly working with regional partners – without accepting compromises in beauty and goodness of their creations. Cooperating and collaborating with customers to find the best solutions and a clear commitment to the importance of learning and development. That clearly resonates with us deeply.

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