The new Leadership Report 2015

The new Leadership Report 2015 by Zukunftsinstitut is out! It shows the latest and most important trends for successful leadership in today’s and the future’s world of collaboration and innovation.

Today’s world is more fast-moving than ever. By planning everything precisely and in detail, companies are wasting their resources. Hence, companies have to be flexible in order to adapt to the changing conditions. That’s what the Leadership Report calls for – Organizational Agility. In this fast changing world it’s of great importance for companies to be agile and flexible and not to get lost in planning.

So what will the future for organizations and companies be like?

The future employee will be a knowledge worker who is an expert on a certain topic and works for several different companies for projects on this field. The future workforce requires a flexible organization form – a fluid organization as it is called by Zukunftsinstitut. This organization form is characterized by “open and interchangeable membranes” instead of rigid organization boundaries. The task of future leaders will therefore be to design such a workplace where employees are free to innovate and where they are emotionally connected to their task and workplace. Leaders should internalize and set an example of what makes up their company in order to be successful.

And what does this mean for you?

The future is about uniqueness and flexibility. So, stop planning, reflect on yourself and on your strengths, orientate yourself, fall into the chaos and lead!

Download the new Leadership Report by ZukunftsInstitut