International Cross-Selling Qualification

This project deals with one of my favorite topics. During my previous employment in the 5* hotel field I was particularly passionate about anticipating guests needs and creating special surprise moments that truly elevated their stay. I was always ready to give my best to create extraordinary experiences for our guests and customers.

And this is the topic I am currently occupied with. We are developing a global qualification program, which empowers service advisors to anticipate needs and concerns in order to proactively provide unconsciously demanded services to customers. In the current (first) phase of the project, I am dealing with the project organization, clarifcation talks and interviews with the client and other stakeholders and the creation of the overall architecture of the concept. The learning objectives I have now developed serve as basis for the selection of methods and media for the final program design.

Therefore, I have already begun making the first arrangements with other partners, for example, audio media production companies. It is currently necessary to determine how to optimally combine virtual and live training moduals. This is a creative phase in which it is necessary to keep a cool head, manage complexity and mentally always be a step ahead.

That suits me.

A contribution by:
Viktoria von Samson-Himmelstjerna
Consultant at TCJG

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