Adidas Learning Campus is spot on

Todays world grows ever more global and ever more digital. This entails great changes for the organization of work places as well as for society. The way people collaborate, share knowledge, acquire skills and learn continuously changes. People desire a flexible working environment and to be able decide themselves when and where to do what. Anywhere and anytime is the motto.

This also applies to learning. The future of learning is social, mobile, anywhere and anytime. Research shows that more than 80% of learning happens informally. This represents a great challenge for companies as how to design a work place that fosters and supports learning in this new way and that meets the learning needs of their employees.

Adidas is a great example for a company that took exactly the right approach. Its strategy – The New Way of Learning – brings learning back to the workplace and lets its employees equally teach and learn. Adidas provides an open and collaborative, social learning environment and creates a new culture of self-driven and life-long learning. For this, they founded the “Adidas Learning Campus” which enables its employees to decide when and where they learn, to choose what and how they learn and to network and collaborate. By creating an open and collaborative work place, Adidas has its finger on the pulse of current affairs and enables its employees to steadily learn and grow.

So, what does this mean for you or your company?

Adidas “New Way of Learning” strategy and its Learning Campus provide inspiration for how to face the challenges of the new (learning) trends. Rather than resisting change, Adidas jumped right into the wave of individualism with a collaborative spirit, inviting employees to co-create the future. They were able to take the timeless wisdom of “Everyone’s a teacher, everyone’s a learner” and apply it to the digital age. Chapeau.