Identification with Brand Values

It’s amazing how the Internet of Things is capturing our daily lives more and more. Have you noticed that over the last several years every generation, from primary schoolchildren to retirees, can be observed with their digital companions? I also often catch myself looking at my iPhone to pass the boredom by.

How exciting is it, that the technical developments through the autonomous driving will soon allow us to give up this temptation while driving? Over the last few years, automobile manufacturers have come up with more and more features to better connect vehicles with the digital world. It can be assumed that these “connect” services won’t be used intuitively by every generation, and can be a challenge for some users.

An international, 20-person-strong call center team, is to cover the future support needs of these “connect” services for one of our premium automotive customers. A unique challenge: the team was set up by a supplier and, therefore, served two groups. On one side, the actual employer and, on the other side, the automobile manufacturer, whose brand they should represent to the outside customers. Thus, in a kick-off workshop, it was necessary to communicate not only basic knowledge about the history, strategy and portfolio of the automotive manufacturer, but, most importantly, to create an identification with the brand. The brand values need to be represented by the employee to the customer constantly.

Therefore, it was necessary to develop a suitable concept to inspire the team to connect to the brand. In the development and implementation of this four-day kick-off workshop, I was able to combine many components of my previous professional background: several years of experience in the consultant sector in project and change management, experience as a trainer and facilitator in international projects, as well as, the personal development of people. To see others grow, feel their joy and motivation after a training session, and experience how they want to tackle things, is certainly one of the most rewarding moments in my job.

So how do you unleash the joy of a brand and motivate employees to live up to the brand values in the workplace? Well, I admit, this time it wasn’t very difficult. How could one experience driving a fast sports car on a race track and not be enthusiastic about the brand? Despite all this, we also had to create a transfer, from the exciting experiences with the products to the transition of the brand characteristics to the daily work life of supporting the customer.

The participants were divided into the different brand values and discussed their ideas on how to translate “innovation,” “exclusivity” and other values to personal attitudes, as well as, specific actions. The results yielded astonishing insights into simple ways in which the concept of service can be delivered specifically for this brand.

Therefore, the challenge was successful. My goal was achieved when, after creating the concept and implementing it with the customer, the participants carry out their enthusiasm about the brand in their daily contact with the customer.

I’m also pleased to continue to be involved in the field of classical consulting for implementing international projects, as well as, for personnel diagnostics. Frequently, our clients’ needs require a combination of these different priorities. A guarantee that this job is certainly one thing: never boring.


A contribution from:
Andreas Grotekemper
Senior Consultant der TCJG

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