From Learning Journey to Learner Journey with the Support of a Guide

As a conceptionist here at TCJG the first project I accompanied had nothing to do with the innovative qualification programmes which I got to know in the past. That’s very impressive and it certainly confused me in the first place.

Due to my studies of media- and educational management and my former job as e-learning responsible at a manufacturer of machines and components I got to know the educational design of Blended Learning 2.0. I am used to editing content and enhancing it with a variety of media on a certain learning chain.

But in my first project at TCJG, I was inspired by a new approach. An exciting combination of Learning Journeys based on topic related learning chains with the option to match various modules that meet the individual learner’s needs. By this approach, the Learning Journey becomes a highly individual Learner’s Journey. The greatest advantage is that everyone learns exactly what he needs and, furthermore, he is tempted to discover additional content to qualify even more. That’s great.

The binding element is the eCoach. His task is to individually accompany and guide the learner and to ensure that he exchanges his thoughts with peers, engages in collaboration and personal development. His touchpoints with the learner are mostly virtual ones. Besides that, also meetings in person are planned in the occasion of a needs assessment, instructor-led workshops and coaching sessions.

My conceptional output for this project is to create an instructional guideline for such a learning companion. For this, roles and competencies of the eCoach are precisely described. Furthermore, we document as a team detailed coaching sessions and designs for (virtual) coaching sessions that aim to build up about 50 competencies.

A major project, which is real fun to work with.


A contribution by Hanna Korn:

Conceptionist and New Learning Media Specialist at TCJG

Conceptionists Profile as PDF