Talent Development Programme – Diagnostics

Every organization has to rely on competent, motivated, and disciplinary executives. Identifying high potential employees to qualify them specifically and grow their loyalty to the company is a great way to secure future leaders.

Our current project “Talent Development” is built on this premises and involves the identification and development of high potentials of an importer of motor vehicles in Germany.

Potential candidates are determined by a panel of experts then undergo a development assessment with a systematic personnel diagnostics method.

Due to my background in Psychology, I thoroughly enjoy the development of an appropriate competency model and the selection of meaningful exercises for this orientation workshop. It was important to me to address the specific needs of the business accurately. The exercises I designed ensure that the participants work on issues that have a direct bearing on the company and their daily work.

The systematic diagnostic process provides a personal position determination for the high potentials. This provides the basis on which we express a clear recommendation for personal development paths and derive differentiated offers for the further development of the participants.

The performance results, the individual competencies and the development recommendations are documented in reports that are the basis for development plan meetings between HR, the executives and high-potential employees and then serve as a guide for the design of a customized training program. Therefore, creating these reports is a valuable and meaningful task. Fortunately it resides in the cross-section of what I am good at and thoroughly enjoy.


A contribution by:

Kristina Reßler

Project Manager / Conceptionist at TCJG

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