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Countless studies show that companies in this country are lagging in digitisation. Above all, the development of digital skills for many people is not progressing as quickly as expected. What is needed now is a speed up. There is a solution: Hybrid Discovery (HD) Workshops from TCJG

There are many offers for the development of digital competence

 It cannot be said that there is a lack of initiatives and concepts or even measures to develop digital literacy. Never has the range of online and face-to-face training courses been as extensive as it is today. Obviously with a continuing upward trend. Today, private individuals can choose from a wide variety of learning formats. Meanwhile, e-learning is becoming more and more clever, with and without gamification elements, videos in explanatory or teaching mode, learning trips in peers with direct access to well-sorted content, hosted on platforms of varying attractiveness. In addition, there are in-house training courses of various kinds, in which digitalisation is still “trained” in live formats. Or one can find really great staged presence Future Learning Labs.

By the way: We have been looking around here and there over the last few months and are happy to share our experiences.

And yet CEOs of companies complain that a sustainable change in the behaviour of many people falls short of expectations and of necessity. In fact, knowledge in the field of digitization is often already available, but it is hardly ever applied.

Let’s think of Corona as an opportunity

The current challenge that is illustrated in connection with “Corona” makes it clear: it would be beneficial for people to be fit in and with digital forms of work. As a result of “Corona”, entire workforces may be forced to work from their home office at short notice. This can go well and minimize the expected economic damage. All that is required is that everyone is suitably qualified and motivated.

In this respect, we can also see “Corona” as an opportunity and driver in the development of digital competence. What could be postponed for a long time now creates a concrete pressure to act. Digital, networked collaboration.

In change management, one would say that the sense of urgency” is now becoming visible. This is one of the success factors for successful change. As a rule, digitalization is defined as a central strategic field in companies today. It can therefore be assumed that a pronounced digital competence also pays off on a powerful vision. A further success factor. Nothing stands in the way of change. Now it is simply a matter of doing the new.

Use the opportunity to speed up digital competence

The time is now to take the implementation of digital work seriously. From the current need to maintain more virtual than F2F contacts, the quick win can now emerge to strengthen the competence of digital working and learning through a targeted offer of suitable and inspiring formats. This initially includes the consistent implementation of well-structured conference calls via Skype, teams, WebEx, GoToMeting or zoom. And certainly, also the increased use of document sharing e.g. via SharePoint or GoogleDrive, should be mentioned here.

However, the TCJG format of the HD (Hybrid Discovery) workshops goes far beyond this. These are 0.5 – 2 day hybrid workshops in the area of Learning & Development. On various topics, such as communication, self-organization, sharing & collaboration and others. In these primarily virtual workshops, presence units are integrated into the participant’s workplace. This format provides for learning and collaboration in a virtual group, but at the same time ensures that social workspace learning takes place in real time. The basics of didactics (sensitization, information, practice/application and transfer) are considered as well as a high experience value and fun factor.

Really good reasons for HD (Hybrid Discovery) workshops

This format cleverly combines the introduction of people to digital tools and their natural application or use. In teams or alternative systems, people simply work. Playful moderation is achieved by changing various tools and these are immediately applied. Whether it is tandem work in a team call, small group work in the break out rooms of zoom or a joint brainstorming using a worksheet in OneNote. To name just a few examples of the MS Office 365 world. Then you don’t need your own MS Office 365 user training anymore. In the workshop the tools are simply used on an ongoing basis.

Not to forget your own mobile phone, which uses a (secure) messenger to control mini work phases or breaks, to deliver work orders or to play back work results from the workplace to the virtual group via audio/video recording.

And this is only the added value in the area of virtual media competence. Above all, it is also worth mentioning the development of the participants’ ability to work collaboratively and to share knowledge or experience at the workplace. By means of these workshops, a contribution can also be made to the development of cross-functional networks or new relationships can be created across silos. Participants are encouraged to set up a space at their workplace where they visualize the results of their work developed in the virtual group. This space remains available after the virtual workshop and serves as a tool for implementing the learning content.

Finally: without much thought or discussion, digital work becomes normal and self-evident with this format. An incidental speed up of digital competence.

What does it take? A laptop, a mobile device and a human being.

We do the rest, or we show you how to do it.

HD Workshops from TCJG – Speed up!

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