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Substance and Clarity.

What sets us apart.

Our Mission

We are here to activate and align available resources within systems, and create holistic solutions that add value.

Our Vision

TCJG is a sought-after promoter of purposeful and time-intelligent business activity.

Our Values


... we see as …

Carrying out one’s actions with concentration and focus and an attention to oneself and one's resources. Perceiving one’s counterpart and the system consciously and completely understanding and recognizing it as a basis for action. Knowing and considering the individual interests and attitudes, and providing support only as needed and on demand.


...we understand as …

Being aware of one’s values ​​and principles - living them and being measured accordingly. Choosing approaches and paths that promote the autonomy and development of people and organizations. Claiming tasks and taking responsibility for one’s own actions. Proactively setting boundaries where needed. Remaining present only as long as the added value can be achieved.


... we interpret as …

Seeking holistic solutions for the common good. Refusing to take action which merely serves short-term goals. Aligning one’s own performance in a way that the individual and system are empowered to creating solutions themselves. Conserving resources and acting in a manner that is minimally invasive. Thoroughly examining each intervention on their long-term impact. Only wrapping up operations if the work is completed.